Why Buy a StripMeister™


The StripMeister Original Automatic Wire Stripping Machine: Top 10 Ways to Profit

Have you heard the buzz on social media about how more and more scrappers just like you are investing in StripMeister automatic wire stripping machines? Are you wondering how all those sharp business people are turning this reasonably priced tool into a very smart investment in their business they couldn’t live without? It’s easier than…


Justifying the StripMeister Original: A Case Study

Why buy a StripMeister Original when copper prices are down? Summary points of article: StripMeister original pays for itself in just 5 straight hours stripping romex at current copper prices It makes you around $48/hour compared to manual stripping which brings in $4/hour 12 times as fast as stripping by hand, or in other words, strip in…